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    Women's Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (2016-2017) with Chamber President Heather Gray (center) and City of West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio (seated left)
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    2017 Economic Insights for PBC Business with Kelly Smallridge
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    Lunch & Learn: (l-r) Laurel Sauer (moderator/WXEL), Samantha Conde (WXEL/WCC Program Chair), Jesús Oswaldo Piñango (Olympusat), Heather Gray (WCC President) & Denise Albritton (WCF Chair)

About Our Organization

Since 1994 the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County (WCC) has been the leading local business organization committed to empowering members and advancing women's leadership in our local economy. We accomplish this through active networking, professional development, legislative awareness, and community engagement with civic-minded members serving in leadership roles throughout the county. With thousands of women-owned businesses in Palm Beach County, women are shaping both the future of our local economy and the future of our local community. Please join us.