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  • TableSetting_TALKFMDX.gif
    June 25, 2014...WCC & WCF Annual Installation at Benvenuto, Boynton Beach. The Incoming WCC President's chosen flower...Birds of Paradise
  • Our_Special_Mary_GQQDIREY.gif
    A Big Thank You to Executive Director, Mary Hart, for her professionalism, efficiency, and always positive attitude.
  • PresidentsAward_OIMYFYWK.gif
    The outgoing President, Barbara Fretwell, presents the "President's Award" to Angela Barnard for her outstanding contributions as past President of the Chamber and outgoing President of the Foundation
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    Women's Chamber Supporters and Friends
  • MoreGuests2_PIRGWYDE.gif
    Friends and supporters of the Women's Chamber
  • GiftforOutgoingPresident_Ba_XLVEUKUJ.gif
    Incoming President Denise Albritton (right) presents thank you flowers (lots of sunflowers!) to outgoing President, Barbara Fretwell
  • MayorJeriMuio_LNBAHKVZ.gif
    West Palm Beach Mayor and WCC member, Jeri Muoio, getting ready for her third year to swear in the new Officers and Members of the Board of Directors for the Chamber and the Foundation.
  • Assuming_the_Gavel_Denise_ZWDWEJNU.gif
    The gavel has been passed to new President Denise Albritton!
  • WCFBoard_2014_2015_XFUPNVJE.gif
    Our new leadership for the Women's Chamber Foundation...Board of Directors,2014-2015.
  • WCCBoard_2014_2015Standing_ZJEGVWPF.gif
    Our new leadership...Introducing the 2014-2015 Board of Directors of the Women's Chamber of Commerce.
  • ScholarshipLuncheon_DiningR_IAFMJIBE.gif
    2014 Women's Chamber Foundation Scholarship Luncheon, June 11, 2014
  • Sandra_Angela_RDYWCMDF.gif
    Sandra Kaplan (Vice Chair) (L) and Angela Barnard (Chair) (R), Women's Chamber Foundation 2013-2014
  • Dr__Christine_Jax_Liz_Quire_JQCIIGLQ.gif
    Guest speaker, Dr. Christine Jax (L) and Liz Quirantes, News Anchor, WPEC CBS Channel 12 (R)
  • Andrea_King_JenniferMcCrate_DLDFFIPY.gif
    Scholarship Winners: Andrea King (L), Linda Farley presenter and Jennifer McCrate, Sherry Shive presenter
  • Myj_Saintyl__Riley_Burke__L_KABJSZXI.gif
    Myj Saintyl and Riley Burke (Lisa Peterfreund presenter), Scholarship Winners
  • Jonique_Simmons_FZIOQJBU.gif
    Jonique Simmons, Scholarship Winner
  • Lindjee_Noziere_FLKHWEWV.gif
    Lindjee Noziere, Scholarship Winner
  • PalmBeachPublicSchoolOrche2_MWCRQDHQ.gif
    Palm Beach Public School Orchestra Strings
  • Rachel_Hyppolite__step_fath_YTXGXIXC.gif
    Rachel Hyppolite (presented to step-father Ron Walters) and Livia Aragon, Scholarship Winners
  • PatTillman_motherofSimoneDi_ZKCWJDQA.gif
    Simone Dixon (presented to mother Pat Tillman), Scholarship Winner
  • TableSetting_WHMGiraffeAwar_APGDUYQJ.gif
  • Welcome_BarbaraFretwell_President_HRWXBFPV.jpg
    WCC President, Barbara Fretwell, welcomes members and guests to the 19th Annual Giraffe Awards celebration
  • GiraffeNominees_2014_HomeSlides_DPPNVWWI.jpg
    Giraffe nominees (seated) D. Stanley, R. Ackner, J. Cover, J. Davis, E. Williams, G. Landen, (standing) J. Hoffman, L. George, A. Fevrier, K. Anderson, M. Sol Gonzalez and N. Tisdale-Jenkins
    Guest Speaker, Nell Merino, Count Me in for Women's Economic Independence
  • FeliciaR_DianaS_AngelaB_MargM_UUQCYWJQ.jpg
    WPBF-TV television-news anchor Felicia Rodriguez, Giraffe Awards winner Diana Stanley, WHM Co-Chairs-Angela Barnard and Margaret Montalvo
  • Gayle_Landen_GiraffeWinner_LYLWHGUK.jpg
    Giraffe Award Winner, Gayle Landen with Giraffe mascot
  • NorettaTisdale_JenkinsGiraffeAwardWinner_XMONXPYD.jpg
    Giraffe Award Winner, Noretta Tisdale Jenkins, expresses appreciation for her award
  • HMKickoff_PBCZoo_3_4_14_ZCYIJQKX.gif
    Women's History Month Kick off at the Palm Beach Zoo, March 4, 2014
  • WHMKickoff_PalmBeachZoo_EVPULAPA.gif
    Enjoying the animals at the WHM kick off at the Palm Beach Zoo on March 4, 2014

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