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    Installation of Officers and Board of Directors for the Women's Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation...June 22, 2015
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    Left: Outgoing President Denise Albritton saying thank you to the Board for a successful year. Right: Presentation of the President's award to Board Member and incoming 1st VP Heather Gray.
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    Jane Bloom, President, Women's Chamber Foundation and Theresa Lepore, Foundation Board Member. A special thanks for their dedication in keeping things together during administrative transition.
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    New Women's Chamber of Commerce President, Sherry Shive, presents the theme for the year...collaboration
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    Verdenia C. Baker, Deputy County Administrator, preparing to swear in the new officers and members of the WCC and WCF.
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    Officers and Board of Directors, Women's Chamber of Commerce, 2015-2016
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    Officers and Board of Directors, Women's Chamber Foundation, 2015-2016
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    The 12th Annual Women's Chamber Foundation Scholarship Luncheon, June 5, 2015
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    12th Anniversary Scholarship Luncheon: Winners, Sponsors and Board Members
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    Left: Mistress of Ceremonies, Liz Quirantes,News Anchor ~ WPEC News 12; Right: Guest Speaker Dr. Eliah Watlington, Associate Provost of the Northern Campuses of Florida Atlantic University.
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    Left: Margaret Montalvo, Vice Chair, WCF; Right, Jane Bloom, Chair, WCF
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    The Women's Chamber Foundation Afternoon Tea at the Chesterfield, April 18, 2015 with speaker (right) Denise Neiman PhD., Esq: County Attorney on one hand, and Rox, the Concert Chick on the other!
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    Women's History Month Kick-Off Celebration at the Palm Beach Zoo, March 5, 2015
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    Women's History Month VIP Reception at the Palm Beach Historical Society the evening before the Giraffe Awards Luncheon.
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    Women's History Month Co-Chair Kate Hietapelto and Chair Margarita Abrishambi
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    20th Anniversary Giraffe Awards Luncheon, March 25 ,2015
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    Giraffe Award Nominees
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    Giraffe Award Committee and speaker, Laurie Silvers (center)
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    Chair Margarita Pardo Abrishami and Co-Chair Kate Hietapelto (right)
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    Keynot speaker Laurie S. Silvers, Media Entrepreneur, and Founder of Sci-Fi Channel and Hollywood Media,
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    (Left)The WCC BOD named Florida Power & Light as the recipient of the first ever Giraffe Business Award. (Right) Mistress of Ceremonies, Erin Guy, WPBF 25 news reporter & weekend anchor
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    Giraffe Award given to Ellen Joy Vahab, the Founder and Executive Director of the Youth Activity Center in Boca Raton. Named by General Colin Powell the first Center of Excellence in Palm Beach County
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    Giraffe Award Winner Rhonda Rogers, Director of Community Engagement & Support at Prime Time Palm Beach County, She has worked for over twenty years in the field of after-school programming.
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    Giraffe Award to Mary Kay Murray, Executive Director, Education Foundation of Palm Beach County for the past 11 years, has worked with numerous local non-profit agencies focused on women and children
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    (Left) Founding Mother, Adele Abbott with WCC Historical Quilt (Right) WCC President Denise Cotman Albritton “Our History is our Strength: Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives!"

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The Women's Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County is dedicated to supporting the economic empowerment and advancement of women in the marketplace.  Reflecting the business pulse of women, the WCC is the leading voice and champion for women owned businesses, business women and women professionals in all fields and disciplines. (more information)

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